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You give me a look when I walk in the door
You’re turning away and I'm asking what for
I don’t get an answer so I gotta guess
Another day, another mess

I’m runnin around and I'm numb from the pain
I’m gettin it done again and again
And all of this nothin’s the thanks that I get
I’m too damn tired, I'm going to bed, I'm goin

Through the motions, through the motions
A dance that I used to know
Through the motions, through the motions
I learned a long time ago…

I’m walkin on eggshells all over the place
Coverin’ bases and runnin the race
I’m watching my words and I’m tryin to breathe deep
They’re comin to get me when I’m asleep

I’m losing my battles I’m losing my grip
I’m going along with it, don’t rock the ship
But god only knows why I’m sitting here wasting away
Wasting away,and goin’

Through the motions
Give my life away